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Welcome to Queen Palm Boutique

Queen Palm Boutique is an online women's boutique based in Fort Mill, SC. Shop us for premium sourced collections that can be added to any wardrobe.

From the people
From the people
Queen Palm Boutique always has the cutest selection at good prices. You are sure to find something that fits your style.
— Megan in South Carolina
From the people
I have so many pieces from Queen Palm Boutique and I love each of them! Softness, durability, comfort, and quality always play a part in my purchases.
— Amber from South Carolina
From the people
The fabric on my blue tank is so soft. I love how stretchy and form fitting the material is. The Fun Pants are so light and breezy to wear.
— Tiffany from Texas
From the people
Queen Palm Boutique is so cute!! I have LOVED every piece I've bought. Which is ALOT. Carly does an amazing job of picking quality clothing. Truly never disappointed.
— Brenna from Virginia